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Maria Allred Portland City Night

Maria ALLRED, Founder/Director

Writer, director, Cinematographer, Producer, Art Director, Editor

Maria Allred is an award-winning filmmaker who is interested in pushing cinematic boundaries while also keeping the audience entertained. In her "unapologetically bold" debut feature film, The Texture of Falling, she took on an impressive number of roles including writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and art-director “taking auteur theory to the next level,” according to critic James Berardinelli. 

The film premiered at the Marbella International Film Festival (Spain), where she was nominated Best Director, then went on to a theatrical release across four major U.S. cities. Prior to directing her feature, she had three short films with television premieres on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Since childhood, Maria has passionately studied painting, poetry, philosophy, creative non-fiction, and various forms of dance. In addition, she has for eight years participated in Jungian-based process groups with author Paul Levy. Not coincidentally, her filmmaking—strongly informed by visual art, music, philosophy, and movement—is poetic, symbolic, and visually driven. She received her BS in Liberal Studies, Film Focus, from Portland State University.

Critic Maggie Stacu raves about Allred, “To say that she is talented is an understatement.”

Copy of Wes Roundtree - Creative Consultant

wes roundtree

Creative producer, unit production manager, editing consultant, graphic artist

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Damien Genardi

Damien Genardi


Damien Genardi heralds from an opera and photography background with highlights such as singing in the Portland Opera for 7 seasons and photographing for Rock and Folk Magazine (France). His photography subjects include Julian Casablancas and The Voidz; Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and Clem Burke of Blondie; opera singer Richard Troxell; and author Paul Levy. The prominent themes of his work include the human complexities of expression, passion, and vulnerability; the magnetism of personal sexuality; the resilience of the human spirit; and the drive for survival. 

He made his debut as a film producer co-producing feature film The Texture of Falling (Allred Films), and has gone on since to produce music videos.

Allred Films Team

Alex Brescanu

Assistant director, Creative producer, camera operator, AC, creative consultant, original music, photographer

Alex Brescanu’s work has a quality of depth and subtlety that draws upon rich personal experiences living in multiple countries, his academic studies in both psychology and music, and an artistic upbringing. He was born in Moldova, a small country by the Black Sea, to a family of filmmakers. Having grown up in the shadow of a famous film director, his late father, it took him a bit of a journey to realize that his medium is also visuals and moving pictures. But through those explorations he discovered gifts that are now imbuing his unique artistic voice.

Alex is interested in precision and the relationship between space and form in architecture and interiors and in finding the subtle emotions in the human face through the use of shadow and light. His latest discovery of moving pictures is opening a world of creative possibilities. He’s captivated by the ability to create multidimensional atmospheres, tapping into his lifelong love of music and curiosity of human psychology, to impart meaning to an audience.

Yosha Auch-Ness

yosha auch-kness

social media manager, administrative assistant