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If there’s one thing on display in The Texture of Falling, it’s the powerful visual sense evinced by Maria Allred in her feature debut. Wearing no fewer than seven hats for the production (acting, directing, writing, cinematography, editing, art direction, wardrobe), Allred has earned the right to call this her film, taking auteur theory to the next level. ... READ MORE

“The Texture of Falling” is a Poetic Journey Through Portland Landmarks and BDSM Maria Allred's debut film is rich with symbolic imagery. When Portland filmmaker Maria Allred was a teenager, she fled her family's home in Vancouver, Wash., to find herself."I left home and hitchhiked and lived in the woods a lot and was just living this really weird life for a year when I was 15 to 16," READ MORE

“The Texture Of Falling” Is The Beautifully Confusing Film You Need To See

I find myself in awe, both confused and delighted by the chaotic journey that The Texture of Falling takes us, the audience, on. Never have I been so captivated. And I don’t say that lightly. READ MORE


"If above synopsis sounds anything like your typical love story or a TV "movie of the week", rest assured, it is neither, rather a labyrithine piece of avant garde moviemaking that finds joy in taking apart its core story's narrative structure, leaving seminal plot-points only hinted at, jumping in and out of scenes at (only seemingly) random points, creating parallels between its narrative threads that suggest that one's only a reinterpretation of the other, and thus keeping the audience guessing all the way through its running time - until the finale puts the whole thing on a meta-level." READ MORE

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Oregon Lens 2012 Filmmaker Profile: Maria Allred

Maria Allred picked up her first camera a year and a half ago, and hasn’t stopped shooting and editing since. Although new to film, Oregon Lens host and executive producer Steve Amen sees something timeless in Allred’s style. “She has an incredible eye; her composition is phenomenal,” says Amen. READ MORE